Do You know your legal payload

Police stops dozens of recovery vehicles during one-day operation to improve the safety of the road networks. Officers recorded 11 offences relating to vehicles travelling with overweight loads resulting in nearly £9,000 worth of fines Check your legal payload. Take your recovery vehicle to the nearest weighbridge and weigh it with fuel and driver in … Read more

Roadside recovery vehicles to use red-warning lights

Roadside recovery vehicles to use red-warning lights in boost for smart motorway safety campaigners The ‘simple’ law change for roadside recovery vehicles will ‘save lives’, say supporters By Christopher Hope, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT13 December 2020 • 6:00am Breakdown vehicles will be allowed to display red flashing lights for the first time after police said they would not … Read more

PROLUX Strong Partnership with Recovery REF PL 00

Strong Partnership with Recovery Body builders need perfectly tailored solutions – ProLux as partner and EOM offers exclusive solutions and guarantee high quality, innovation, long-term experience in suoolying Recovery Equipment and adherence to delivery dates. In doing so they concentrate on there core competences and use strong partnerships in over 30 countries worldwide. On … Read more

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